Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis - The Inside Thoughts of Now - The Weightlessness of knowing
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Artist: Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now
Title: The Weightlessness of knowing

Welcome to part 17 of “The Inside Thoughts of Now”, a collaborative project between writer Thom Kofoed and Illustrator Steven Jarvis. Click here to enlarge image

Thom says:
I was invited to a Psychic night last week. The whole evening made me extremely nervous and I ended up not having a reading done at all. When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about how much easier it would have made things if I had some idea of what was going to happen. It coincided with my (continued) concerns about the future and bought up a lot of questions that I have been tackling for a while. This poem was a direct response to the evening and I think it very much represents how I hope my writing will develop.

Steven Says:
I’ve been reintroducing gradients into my work recently just as a change from the block colours I have been using in the last few editions. Instead of going too tarot card/star sign with this piece, I went more with the idea of time and future within the universe (slightly inspired by Professor Brian Cox and his Wonder’s of the Universe!) scientific diagrams, moon, stars etc. I think it works….

In other news I have a new website which includes the previous editions of The Inside thoughts of Now digitally remastered into the current layout and design format.

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