Thom Kofoed & Steven Jarvis – A Poem for Katy

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Artist: Thom Kofoed and Steven Jarvis
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now
Title: A poem for Katy

Welcome to part 18 of “The Inside Thoughts of Now”, a collaborative project between writer Thom Kofoed and Illustrator Steven Jarvis. Click here to enlarge image

Thom says:
My Friend (one time Creature Poet Katy) and I had a very compelling late night visit to the West Hill recently. It was during the Super Moon and as we stood, cold and still, staring as the sea glimmered under extra big moonlight, we spoke about the sky and the moon and how we’re all connected and how we’re all made of stardust and how we’re all falling, constantly falling.

This poem is for her and it is for that night. Its all I could do to ensure that I didn’t forget.

Check out the full series of illustrated poems by Thom and Steven here:

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