Thom Kofoed - Mirikitani

Artist: Thom Kofoed
Project: The Inside Thoughts of Now

Thom says: This weeks poem is called ‘Mirikitani’.

I watched a documentary recently called ‘The cats of Mirikitani’ about a homeless 80year old Japanese artist living in New York in 2001 (the full story here à .) His story astounded me and made me sad and angry and then happy that he made work and that it was this work that pulled him out of the deepest darkness that life could throw at him.  He was difficult and broken and scarred so completely that his history hung like a badge on his chest at all times; he and it could not be separated. That has stuck with me since; how much of all of us is history and how much of it is who we actually are? I cannot stop thinking about it.

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