The Shadow Catcher by Nikki Pinder
Artist: Nikki Pinder
Project: The Shadow Catcher pt4 – click here to view full artwork.

Welcome to part4 in our series of Illustrated tales by Nikki Pinder. Entitled “The Shadow Catcher” this series details the story of ‘Leoj Ecnirp’… a man of mystery!

part4 is an epic edition these images are just a taster! Click here to see the whole thing.

In part4 we discover more of Leoj’s world and meet some of his new friends, with illustrated text and accompanying imagery all created by the hand of Nikki Pinder, Illustrator extraordinaire. You may never come back!

The Shadow Catcher by Nikki Pinder
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Look out for more tales and drawings from the weird and wonderful world of Leoj Ecnirp, The Shadow Catcher. Enjoy.