A creative space is a personal space in which possibilities are endless and boundaries can be extended as far as the imagination. I aim to make work which creates space not only for the body and senses, but also for imagination, thoughts and memories.

Sugar Cube Room (2006) was a room swathed in sugar cubes, incorporating text and whispered voices. It was made up of 50,000 sugar cubes and cube faces, which developed into a mosaic of stata patterns twisting and spreading across the four walls of the space, and built up in places to 5 or 6 layers. Sugar was kindly donated by The Tate Britain, Tate & Lyle, Waitrose, Tescos Loughborough Branch, and Imago Services. The subtle but powerful abundance of simple materials creates complexity and depth, a contrast to the sensory exclusion of the ‘white cube’ space.

I use tactile, redolent spaces to inspire the senses. I try not to make work which is easily resolved by the mind. If it is not instantly absorbed it can stimulating imagination and creativity, whilst at the same time it is easy for the body and senses to relate to.


I use text in a small font winding sentences in and out of the sugar cubes; I make large spaces composed of small components; and also play very subtle whispered texts through the walls. This is to draw the viewer in so that the encounter is an intimate one where you have to get in close to the surface, close enough to smell the sugar and sense it on your tongue.

I contrast detail and large space so that the focus shifts between the whole and the intricate detail. I try to provoke memory or association, for example, viewers of Sugar Cube Room found it evoked diverse feelings and reminiscences, below are a few extracts from the comment book:
'images of snowy landscapes'
'the white padded walls of a cell'
‘ sensual, even sexual’
'nothingness, a blank canvas'
'being inside an igloo'
'being wrapped in cotton wool'
'es cano un helado me encanta' ('it's like an ice cream')
'its like seeing inside a soul'
‘ calming and inspiring’
‘ heady’

Nicola Anthony











My Space

sit and thinking
think and sit
my mind
my own planet
whereby alone
along the shore
I sit and spin
and think some more

I sink into my inner space
my very own creative place
inside my secret galaxy
a world created just for me

2006 Kate Eggleston-Wirtz



2006 Kate Eggleston-Wirtz


The Tree.

Theres nothing to I more sorry, than a frozen leaf so mute,
from breathing sunlight's aroma and flaunting the fruits of youth.
It's broken roadmap skin, once luscious, vibrant flesh,
no soul will touch it's face again, except with crushing steps.
An artist am i not by day, though i come awake at night,
If it were not for the silver spoon, i would perish out of sight.
And through this dirty watch of morn, to clockwise twists of apples torn,
from branches aloft no deadly thorn, can save me now its true.
As one last orb falls naturally, the council spell will fall this tree,
and all the world can come to see, what the people make of me.


Dans song the arc of the rainbow is featured on the jukebox.


Unlovely Park

FUCKWITS R PUSSY, it says on the goalposts.
Today the park belongs to boys and men.
Under an over-washed white sky,
one old codger with two sticks,
three elders on a bench,
several boys on wheels,
more with a football;
just one girl with a dog that makes you wince.

Scattered memories of fast food
on yesterday’s cut grass, still fragrant.
Watching cautious skateboard practice down the gentle slope,



headachey light at the solar eclipse,
first time on the new baby swings,
prize-winning flapjacks at the summer fete,
hopes and ideas in the consultation
(childhoods whiled away while They decide which, if any, the purse can bear.)
Excess energy chased out, early morning runs,
summer picnics, quick winter bursts of cold, fresh dusk.

BOUNCER KHAN has left his mark

Breathing the sky wide over open space;
past and present converge here.
Our park is unlovely, but charged with all our hours.