Elephant for elephant

Matt Witt - Elephant

Artist: Matt Witt
Project: Elephant for Elephant
Website: wakeupscreaming.com

To see many elephants appear right in front of your eyes please Click here.

This is the Elephant I created for the Elephant for Elephant project, run by long time Creature contributor, Thom Kofoed. While making it I had a lightbulb moment, how to create lots of elephants with little work, here is the result.

I would urge you all to contribute to this worthwhile project, everybody loves elephants!

Lea Vervoort – Freddie’s First Selfie


Artist: Lea Vervoort
Project: Apologue beings
Website: www.leavervoort.nl

A few weeks ago I met Freddie, the immortal hound.
He’s been taking pictures for ages.
And when I visited his living-mound,
he told me he also had a couple of selfies lying around.
Freddie started digging in old photobooks.
And look what he found…