Illustration by Nikki Pinder+ Enlarge image

Artist: Nikki Pinder
Facebook page: nikki pinder illustrations

Introducing this week’s featured artist,  Nikki Pinder.

On Sunday Illustrator extraordinaire Nikki Pinder posted this little note on her Facebook page:

“I’m trying a little experiment: for the next week I’m going to do a drawing a day on any subject, and I would like you to suggest what I should draw? The idea I like most each day I will create a drawing inspired by, and I’ll post it at the end of the day for you to see.  Starting today…what would you like me to draw?”

Among the responses to this intriguing message were many weird and wonderful ideas… a panda riding a unicorn, fully armoured into battle, A sumo wrestler wrestling a crocodile in the middle of A busy street, a skull with a top hat with big lips… and a huge rose sticking out of the hat… and so on.

The image above entitled “Mr Tambourine Faced Tree Man” is the latest creation in her drawing a day series. It depicts the factual folk tale of the merry-go-round musical bearded tambourine faced wotsit eating tree man… in colour.

Below we have included her first entry entitled “The Robotic Unicorns Who Saved The Sea”. For this image, released on Sunday, Nikki decided to combine several of the suggestions to create a story based drawing. These were: Robot Love, Nonsense, Something on the topic of following your dreams, Umbrellas, Fish whales and such running from the evil oil, and a unicorn.

Illustration by Nikki Pinder+ Enlarge image

This is a really great project, proactive, interactive, reactive, collaborative. We just had to bring it to your attention. You can view all images in Nikki’s drawing a day series at her flickr page: Get involved on her facebook page too by clicking here. We hope you enjoy the show.

Below is the second drawing in the series released on Monday… “Butterflies”

Nikki says: “My inspiration was… a caterpillar emerging from it’s cocoon into a ton of butterflies flying everywhere”.

Illustration by Nikki Pinder+ Enlarge image

A little bit more about Nikki

Creature has had the pleasure of publishing Nikki’s work in previous Creaturemag editions, namely the 2008 festival edition, for which she created a stunning mural on the festival theme, click here to view. We have followed her from budding creative to full blown freelance illustration professional and she works damn hard at it too.

Her style takes influence from Art Deco/ Victorian aesthetic, this is merged with psychedelic cut up and collage to produce retro dreamlike, slightly distressed images, surreal and very engaging.  Working mostly in pen, collage and photoshop, Nikki’s works are distinctive and so unique and original in style that they are unmistakable, you can spot a Nikki Pinder piece from a mile off.

Nikki is also a keen maker, creating various hand made items, brooches and secret art gift sets which are  currently on sale in The Old Sweet Shop in Sheffield. You can also peruse her wares at her etsy shop:

Nikki has recently completed artwork for Ed Harcourt’s upcoming release and we are sure that she will go from strength to strength. Let it be said that if Creature had to pick a favourite Illustrator, Nikki would certainly be right up there.

To keep up to date with Nikki’s work you can follow her on twitter @nightowlsecrets

You can view all images in her drawing a day series at her flickr page:

Check out more of her illustrations here:

And view some hand made items and other projects here:

Enjoy the show!