Artists: Joel Moore
Project: Mulga’s Zombie Zoo

An Ode to Rope Beard Rodney

Rope Beard Rodney is an old sea salt
His poison of choice is whiskey and malt

He nearly met his maker, sent by Moby Slick
The great grand whale of Moby Dick

This whale was a zombie beast stained red
From the blood of the men upon which it has fed

Rodney tried to harpoon this deathly whale
But the odds were against him he was doomed to fail

It’s skin was as strong as a golden orbs web
Harpoons were useless even to the head

Moby Slick devoured the entire stinking crew
Gobbled them up like a human stew

Rodney did escape and he’ll tell you the tale
Of his high seas adventure with Moby Slick the whale

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