Moustache Illustration Awards – Brief


Project: Moustache Illustration Awards – Open submissions
Deadline: 12.00 noon (GMT) – Monday 28th November  2011

Creature loves a good moustache, so full of character they can say a great deal about the face they are sat upon. So what would your moustache look like if it were to come alive and jump from your top lip? What stories would it tell and what kind of a personality would it have developed whilst growing on your face?

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

What to do?
Creature invites you to create your very own moustache character. Simply choose a classic moustache shape and develop it into a funny little Movember Moustache Character (just a guide, theme is open to interpretation). The moustache could stand completely on its own or be sat upon a face, it could be a quick doodle or a carefully developed personality complete with it’s very own family and history. It’s completely open to your interpretation and we can’t wait to see your moustaches come to life!

Send your submissions to by 12.00 noon (GMT) – Monday November 28rd 2011. Throughout Movember we will collecting your Moustache creatures and publishing them all right here on Creaturemag.

Our famous panel of judges!
To make sure your moustaches get the recognition and exposure they deserve we have lined up some top illustration publishers, magazines, blogs and agencies to vote on the most interesting and well presented moustache themed illustrations.

Matt Witt – Creaturemag
Lee Rubenstein – Eat Sleep Draw
Siobhan Leddy – Flamingo Magazine
Jon Cockley – Handsome Frank
Lisa Hassel – Inkygoodness

The top three illustrations from each of these categories – Moustache character – Moustache wearer – Moustache themed, will be awarded, as well as one special drawer’s  drawer award, voted by all participants.

There is only pride at stake here, no prizes. We will publish the winners along with comments from our judges in a special moustache awards e-book and they will of course be heaped with praise!

Please send all submissions to with your name, website etc.

We look forward to seeing your entries.

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