Freak of the week by Ollie Stone

Freak of the week - By Ollie Stone

Artist: Ollie Stone
Project: Freak of the week

After last weeks Freak off, things have calmed down somewhat for this week’s entry. David and Ollie have been embroiled in talks and have called a truce, signed a treaty and have agreed to pair up on a collaboration of some sort at some point in the future (purposefully vague due to busy lives… but it will happen! ).

A collaboration between David Blatch and Ollie Stone is enough to get us salivating. Much like this weeks wrestling Bear…. Senor Dinosaur, who seems to dislike authority and cares little for the rules… he just bites all the other bears.

Who would are challenge him? Not me, but then I’m not a bear, or a dinosaur. I would be eaten alive for sure.

Look out for more wrestling bear freaks next week in our “Freak of the week” feature.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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