Welcome to our world! Creaturemag is an artist run illustration blog, existing in various forms since the dawn of time. We like creatures and we encourage your involvement.

The Creature Manifesto  ↴

  • Creaturemag exists to encourage artistic development and act as a catalyst for inspiring new creations by promoting positive, creative values such as collaboration, sharing and community.
  • Your creative path – Creature is here to help humans on their creative path, aiding social and creative development by encouraging regular and sustainable acts of creativity. It’s all about having fun developing a strong visual language and body of quality work.
  •  Creaturemag is a warm fire in the middle of the woods, where all the creatures gather in the dead of night to dance in celebration of life, creativity, and to awaken something beautiful. Creativity is a developmental, healing, behaviour that aids evolution, self development and spiritual awakening. Creaturemag as a utopia where all these things flow freely, encouraging human creatures from their slumber, coaxing them one-by-one into creative action in celebration and love of all creatures.
  • Creaturemag is a place to celebrate creatures, in all their forms, through the publication of creature themed illustrations. We may be the last generation to see such environmental diversity on the planet, we are here for the plight of a humanity so blind that it drives other species to extinction. This blog is a homage to all creatures, human and non-human alike.
  • It’s about time, self development, appreciation of all things living. It’s about bringing something beautiful into the world, developing a new, universal language, creating sustainably, and forming the foundations on which to build a brave new collective being.
  • Get involved – Send your creatures

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“Everyone has the power to publish, we chose to fill our little corner of the internet to bursting point with beautiful creature illustrations.” Matt Witt – Founder