Conversations - Soju Tanaka and Benjamin Phillips
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Artists: Soju Tanaka and Benjamin Phillips
Project: Conversations
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Our friends at Frinton Press recently contacted us about a cool project they initiated during the summer. “Conversations” is a collaboration involving two illustrators engaging in an Illustrated conversation. Click here to see the whole conversation.

One was Soju Tanaka, a Frinton Press intern and recent Camberwell Illustration graduate with a bountiful bag of cute, happy creatures and colourful animals. The other was Ben Phillips, another London based illustrator, known better for his scratchy inks of batman, skeletons and dark characters.

They gave Soju the colour blue and the theme PREY while Ben was orange and PREDATOR. Soju then emailed Ben with a ‘prey’ image and Ben replied by drawing over it a ‘predator’ image. Ben then emailed Soju with a ‘predator’ image and Soju replied by illustrating a ‘prey’ image on top of it. And so the conversation went on until 6 artworks had developed.

Above is part 1 of this series. You can view the other parts here. The artworks have now been made into large postcards that you can buy by following this link: Buy conversations.

Conversations - Soju Tanaka and Benjamin Phillips