Get involved with Creaturemag.

Creature publishes the work of upcoming illustrators, students and recent graduates as well as some more well known artists. We encourage your involvement. The best way to keep up to date with our new projects, collaborations and contribution calls is to follow us on twitter @creaturemag and

Become a regular contributor – We are open to contributors for new weekly features. Got a great idea for a feature? Get in touch with


There are many ways to get involved with Creature… our ongoing projects include:


1. Artist Spotlight

We are always on the lookout for new illustrators, collectives and arts related websites to feature on the creature blog. If you feel your work/ website would fit in well within Creature’s pages, then let us know! More info / submit.


2. One minute Creatures
Draw a creature in 1 minute and pass it on… we will publish all 1 minute Creatures submitted to us – More info.


3. Design a banner for the Creature blog.

We invite you to get involved and have a real impact on how the Creaturemag website looks. More info.


For your information

Due to the amount of emails we receive it is impossible to publish every artist that expresses interest…we endeavour to respond to every person who contacts us but at busy times please bare with, then if you still don’t get a response give us a nudge!

All submissions will be considered for inclusion, however publication of work is at the discretion of the editors and submission does not guarantee inclusion.

Copyright: A mob of very angry creatures will be unleashed if we find anyone infringing the copyright of our artists. All usual copyright laws apply. Please ask permission before publishing or using our artists images elsewhere.