Endangered Creature Alphabet

Endangered Creature Alphabet

The endangered Creature Alphabet now has it’s own home over at: www.endangeredalphabet.co.uk

It makes us very happy to announce the release of our latest collaborative project – the Endangered Creature Alphabet – An illustrated collection of 26 threatened species, drawn by 26 talented artists.

You can view our new e-book here by clicking the full screen option in the window below. Thanks to everyone involved, your work is amazing. Look inside to check it out!

Help us spread the word. If you are an artist or publication and would like to run a feature on this book then we have put together this handy press information pack - click here to visit the press pack page. For further info please send an email to creature@creaturemag.com and we will be in touch right away.

The Endangered Creature Alphabet

A twitter based Illustration collaboration joining 26 artists to create the ABC of Endangered Animals. Please follow us @creatureABC.

We have now announced the participating artists, below. Congratulations to you all. We had over 100 applications for this project, these artists were chosen on the basis of their style, ability and previous experience with animal drawings.

Participating artists (click for websites):

Alex Woolam
Anna Jane Searle
Chris Margerison
Christina Bretschneider
David Blatch
David Litchfield
Emily Hopgood
Fiona Purves
Gareth Barnes
Jenny Robins
Jessica Marshall
Julia Broughton
Julie Vermeille
Kate Eggleston-Wirtz
Kathryn Corlett
Kerri -Ann Hulme
Leila Shetty
Martyn warren
Mel Chadwick
Paul Shinn
Polly Alizarin Harvey
Poonam Mistry
Sean Wars
Teresa Eastwood
Tom Moore

27th June – We now have all the illustrations in and are currently working hard compiling the book, we also have a great non-fiction author involved who is writing a little bit about each animal. It’s shaping up to be great and will be worth the wait.

If there is anyone involved who has connections within Animal conservation organisations or charities then please let us know.

Please direct any questions to twitter @creatureABC.

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