Alice Tams

Artist: Alice Tams

Who are you? I’m Alice, a 21 year old recent literature and creative writing graduate, attempting to pay my rent in London.

What do you do? When I’m not working on a bar or bothering my friends, I draw different birds wearing different hats!

Why do you do it? I’ve managed to carry on for so long because: a) There are loads of hats and even more birds out there. b) Some people seem to like it. c) I enjoy illustrating with fine liners and crayons more than anything (and it gives me an excuse to listen to Harry Potter/Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy audio books even more!)Alice Tams

Who are your influences? Generally lots of people, although I can’t really blame this particular project on anyone!

What inspires your work? A trip to a natural history museum always helps me mark out the more obscure birds (I’m considering doing an extinct line). Hat-wise, Royal Ascot helps!

Alice Tams

What do you like? Gin, pugs, adventures, cheese, wine, Derren Brown.

What don’t you like? Moths, rudeness, slow-walkers, Piers Morgan.

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