Tineke Meirink

Artist: Tineke Meirink
Website: itsjustmorefunwhenyoutakeacloserlook.blogspot.com

Who are you?
Tineke Meirink

What do you do?
I illustrate children’s books, but lately I started a blog http://itsjustmorefunwhenyoutakeacloserlook.blogspot.com/. The title says it all really. I take pictures of every day objects, stains, spots, what so ever. Things that I find interesting. I then add a minimal illustration to them to let people see what I see.

Why do you do it?
In the first place for fun. I’m an illustrator for about 15 years now, and I felt like doing something different than I used to do. To experiment and to  try to find a new way of working. But I also like to show people that it is actually more fun when you take a closer look.

Tineke Meirink

Who are your influences?
Banksy, Maartje Jacquet, Ana Ventura and Chuck Groenink for the way they use their materials and how they look at things.

What inspires your work?
Music, street art, nature, memories, irregularities, Twitter and Flickr.

Tineke Meirink

What do you like?
Contrast, spring, to listen to music, silence, wandering through whatever place with my camera, dogs.

What don’t you like?
Violence, heat, crowded places (except if there’s good music going on).

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