Tim McDonagh
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Artist: Tim McDonagh
Website: mcdonaghillustration.com

Who are you?

Hey! I’m Tim McDonagh, a practicing illustrator from the south of England.

What do you do?

Mainly, I draw pictures. Being an illustrator, I try to visually describe or enhance information for clients using my own illustrative methods and visual vocabulary.

Why do you do it?

I think it’s largely to satisfy an urge to record in pictures what’s around me. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down, putting on a Nick Cave or Tom Waits record and inking an image i’ve pencilled earlier that day or week. I like the feeling of creating something people want too, something that will hopefully give someone some sense of pleasure whilst looking at.

Tim McDonagh
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Who are your influences?

I take alot of influence from comic book artists and the way they work, people like Chris Ware, Charles Burns and Adrian Tomine. I’m also obsessed with the posters and prints of people like Aaron Horkey, Daniel Danger and Dan McCarthy. I just love images that are bursting at the seems with details.

What inspires your work?

I take alot of inspiration from the natural world and wildlife. I think I take some elements from human relationships also, something i’ve always been really interested in and inspired by. I can see that sort of thing getting more involved in my work.

Tim McDonagh
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What do you like?

The Wire and Seinfeld. And Black Magic Ink.

What don’t you like?

That thing where you burn the roof of your mouth or your tongue, I can write off being happy for a days after that happens.

Find Tim here:
twitter @timmcdonagh

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