Illustration by Rachael Nilsson

Artist: Rachael Nilsson
Project: Thursday’s Featured Artist

Good day Creatures and welcome to our new “featured artist” spot. Every Thursday we will highlight a new talent, tell you a bit about them, introduce their work and display an image that they have created especially for Creature.

For our first featured artist spot we introduce to you, illustrator Rachael Nilsson.

Rachael is studying book arts at the London College of Communication. Creature was instantly attracted to the quirky and decorative depictions of birds, trees and other animals, like this image of a fox (above), which she kindly created especially for Creaturemag.

Rachael says: ” I like drawing things that people can learn about. I think it makes pictures more interesting and you can pick out certain details and notice them around you. I like to draw things based around nature most of the time. Recently I have been drawing a lot of birds and trees, which has been really fun, mostly because it’s nice to be able to identify things in real life and as the spring has come along it’s made me more aware of what birds are flying about and when different trees come in to blossom.”

Rachael has recently been working her fingers to the bone in the creation of a calendar. Each month is decorated with trees and seasonal birds, each one hand drawn and painted. The time, effort and painstaking attention to detail that has gone into this impressively detailed and decorative piece of art really excited us. We hope you like it too.  See full images on her blog: View full images

Illustration by Rachael Nilsson
+ View full image on Rachael’s blog

Rachael says: “I am glad you enjoyed the calendar! I think it is one of my favourite things that I have put together to date. Mostly because I learnt so much about birds.”

Rachael drew a lot of birds! Here are just a few:

Illustration by Rachael Nilsson
+ View full image on Rachael’s blog

So what’s next for Rachael?
“I’m going to be working on lot’s of ‘animals in their habits’ illustrations, which will be exciting because I can learn about new animals and draw new things.”

If you would like to feast your eyes on more of her lovely drawings and makings please visit her blog:


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