Asa Wikman

Artist: Asa Wikman

What do you do?
I draw and design t-shirts, wallpapers, prints and postcards etc for various companies as well as for myself that I sell online and on markets around London.

Why do you do it?
I am a creative person and used to work with music for many years, fed up with the fakeness of the music industry I needed a new way to express myself and started drawing. Drawing feels very honest, everyone has their own personal style and feel to it, I really like that, compared to the music-industry I think drawing is very hard to fake and no one is going to try to change my haircut, my political views and lyrical content, the clothes I wear etc – I am free.

Asa Wikman

Who are your influences?
I am not really influenced by any person or artist but childhood memories, my love for animals and characters, my silly sense of humor and my passion for surface design. I am interested in politics and the world but I want my work to be an escape from all that and not to be to serious but I think that my political side shines through the silliness now and then.

What inspires your work?
Society, politics, my love for animals and my silly sense of humor. My work can seem very childish but sometimes there’s politics behind it, often linked to animal rights. I love childish drawings and find imperfection more interesting then perfection and I like to make people smile.

Asa Wikman

What do you like?
I love Swedish summer, a good coffee while watching people and I am a real documentary geek, I love to collect facts about the most random stuff and most of all I like nature documentaries with David Attenborough. He is amazing. I also love London, the freedom of religion, sexuality etc and NHS, NHS is truly great!

What don’t you like?
I could write a long list about political issues that makes my skin itch but you would all hate me for it as I would sound like an pretentious shit but let me pick one thing; corrupt politicians and greedy corporations who only care about their own gain and profit and do not care about the effects on human life’s or the environment.

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