Alex Chiu

Artist: Alex Chiu

Who are you?
I drink black coffee and I like to eat Zingers.  I ride a cheap Mongoose BMX bike with huge Cholo handle bars on it; its wheels are red and neon green.  I do not have an article of clothing that does not have paint on it.  It’s a sad and ridiculous reality.  I am married to A’misa Chiu.  We wreak havoc together and encourage people to do things that don’t make money.

What do you do?
I am a cartoonist.  I create stylistic characters, objects, and landscapes which act as pieces to a much larger world.  In this world, I can make anything happen.  It is a space for my subconscious to roam.  It is an outlet for my hopes, dreams, and fantasies.

Why do you do it?
Creativity is an addiction.  I love it.  I love the freedom of a blank canvas and seeing what appears when I add colours, lines, characters, and shapes.  I enjoy surprising myself and surprising others.  I enjoy creating emotion and evoking it in others.  I am excited by the fact that art has endless potential.  I also love the creative lifestyle.  I am constantly being inspired by my peers who are making a name for themselves in the art world.  In a sense, I feel like I am a part of cultural history.  I have the opportunity to create and define the aesthetic of this generation.  It makes me feel important.

Alex Chiu

Who are your influences?
I am influenced by Jodorowsky films, Graffiti artist Barry McGee, Hinduism, Taoism, illustrator Robert Crumb, Film maker John Waters, Svankmajer’s stop motion films, illustrator Luke Ramsey, Grass Hut art collective, DADA, Super Mario Brothers, paintings by Skinner, PictureBox publishing, art zines and zine culture, the band Converge, Musician David Bazan, The band Telepahthik Friend, Shobo Shobo, artist Ron Rege Jr…. The list goes on.  This is a hard question.

What inspires your work?
Lately I’ve been inspired by internet culture, Flickr, Facebook, optical illusions, mysticism, religious iconography, the search for truth, fluorescent colours, art zines, and comics.

Alex Chiu

What do you like?
I like junk food, colourful and shiny objects, puppies, comics, Home Depot, power tools, nice paper, bluegrass music, the smell of waffles, jello, my wife.

What don’t you like?
I don’t like judgmental people, war, racism, snootiness, greed, cancer.

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