Oli Rogers

Artist: Oli Rogers
Website: olirogers.artworkfolio.com

Who are you, where are you from?
Hello creature fans! I’m Oli. I’m an illustrator based in Northampton (the one in the UK). It’s a great town for things like soiled mattresses and dog eggs festooning the streets, but is also home to some talented artists and good places to do such things as consume booze and listen to live music.

I also go by the nom de plume of The Mighty Stegosaurus, after a ladybird who used to live in my room. He was the mighty one, not me, but I took on his name as a tribute when he sadly passed away.

What do you do?
I paint pictures, most of which feature at least one monster. I am hoping that people will pay me to do this for them, so if you are one such person then let’s talk! I write fiction and poetry too, which also tends to feature monsters.

Why do you do it?
Why would you not want to do this?

Oli Rogers

How do you create these images?
Well, I suppose the first stage is to use the power of mental thinking to come up with some kind of radical idea, such as a dreadlock-bedecked orang-utan armed with a stone axe facing off against a carnivorous horse as the sun rises over an epic mountain range. This is then transmitted from my brain to a piece of cheap copier paper, via a clicky pencil. After much scribbling and rubbing out, a drawing emerges. This drawing is scanned and then painted using a certain well-known piece of image-editing software.

Who are your influences?
Off the top of my head I would say Edward Gorey, Tove Jansson, Charles Vess, and Paul Bonner, but I wouldn’t even contemplate comparing my work to theirs, I just admire it. Like most artists of my generation I’m probably influenced just as much by pop-cultural stuff like comics, video games, music, movies and street art as by ‘artists’.

What inspires your work?

Besides being an illustrator I’m also a postgrad of Modern English Literature, so I tend to draw inspiration from things like late Victorian and early C20th horror, science fiction and weird tales. Otherwise, my own imagination generally gives me enough to go on.

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What do you like?
Good coffee, liquorice rolling papers, quality continental lagers, red wine… actually this is more like my shopping list. I like Forteana, loud and abrasive music, dusty museums and being an armchair socialist. And monsters.

What don’t you like?
Elitism, pretentious types, conformity, right-wing bigots, mindless consumerism, meat.

Find Oli Rogers here:
Portfolio: olirogers.artworkfolio.com
Twitter: @otheroli
Facebook: facebook.com/heisoli

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