Penny Poorly

Artist: Penny Poorly

Who are you?
I’m Penny.

What do you do?
Secretly I’m a graphic designer. That’s my “day job”. By night I’m an artist extraordinaire. I draw and paint. I silk screen. I sew. I make jewelry. I craft. I run an etsy shop and keep a tumblr where I show all of my creations. People who know me as a designer don’t know my work as an artist and vice versa.

Why do you do it?
I’m really high strung, emotional, and destructive. Because of that I’m an escapist, I think. Making things helps me to escape myself. It’s an intense sort of focus that takes me out of my mind and to a more peaceful area. It’s like exorcising personal demons. Taking it all and shoving it onto paper where it doesn’t hurt me or can’t scare me.

Penny Poorly

How do you create these images?
Thoughts/feelings + pencil and paper + various mediums = image is the basic formula. I’m constantly learning and switching up what I use to work with to attain the feel a finished piece needs.

Who are your influences?
Dead writers.

What inspires your work?
Emotions. Fears. Compulsion.

Penny Poorly

What do you like?
Color Theory, Books, Cats, Vegan Food, Anything I can figure out how to make, Learning, Vintage Dresses, Movies, Thrift stores, etc…

What don’t you like?
Assholes. Littering.

Find Penny Poorly here:
Twitter: @pennypoorly

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