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Artist: Oskars Pavlovskis
Location:Riga, Latvia.
Website: pavlovskis.lv

Who are you, where are you from?
I am an artist from Riga, capital city of Latvia.

What do you do?
Almost everything i find interesting, with huge focus on creating character and creatures no matter how. It can be drawing, sculpting or 3D computer graphic.

Why do you do it?
Don’t know it has always been like that.

Oskars Pavlovskis

How do you create these images?
I just take a pen and draw something what is in my mind at that moment.

What inspires your work?
Many things. People on streets, events happening around me, memories, music, films, comic, games etc.

How does the place you live impact upon your work?
Sometimes It has a great impact on my works, people i see, meet on streets makes a base layer for my characters, but sometimes my work are just fiction from my mind.

Oskars Pavlovskis

What do you like?
Things that keep me interested in doing them. Most of all i like drawing, 3D, sculpting, silk screen printing.

What don’t you like?
Singing and being in a center of attention

Find Oskars Pavlovskis here:

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