Lou Peajeux

Lou Peajeux

Louise Pigott, aka Lou Peajeux graduated in 2009 from De Montfort University in Leicester with a degree in graphic design and illustration. Since then she has been working on her illustration and craft from a cosy spare room in Cambridge. Lou’s work can largely be described as colourful and quirky, mixing hand-drawn elements with digital colour to give a fresh look that is often quite detailed too.

Lou says about Social media:
Social media has been a really positive tool for me, allowing me to share my work with others, make some wonderful creative friends and is a great source of inspiration.

Working freelance and from home can sometimes get a bit lonely, so it’s wonderful to feel part of a creative community. People post really great links, showcasing their work or the work of other artists, illustrators or designers they admire – perhaps things that I wouldn’t necessarily come across myself, and that really helps to get the creative juices flowing, whether it’s a concept or even a colour palette that I haven’t explored before.

When I have craft fairs coming up or list new items in my online shop, it’s really handy being able to post a link up on my blog, twitter or facebook, to showcase what I’ve got in stock and spread the word about a grand day out!

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Marius Palerud

Marius Palerud

Marius is a hard working illustrator based in Brighton. He is originally from Norway but moved to England in 2006 where he completed his degree in Illustration at University College Falmouth three years later.

Marius says about social media
Social media plays a very important role throughout my working day. I usually start the day with a cup of coffee and a browse of twitter to see what my colleagues are up to and to see if there are any interesting new projects to read about or get involved in.

I graduated from University College Falmouth in 2009. The months following my graduation I really missed the community we had in our studio. We were always helping each other out by telling fellow student about open briefs and competitions. By joining Twitter I felt like I was a part of this community again. We are all in the same boat; we all know how difficult the creative field can be. If you have a question about something and you post it on Twitter, it is likely you will get an answer within five minutes. There are always new briefs and collaborations that are worth entering too. It is a great way of gaining publicity, inspiration and pushing yourself to continue making work.

One of my main projects last summer, ‘Dreams on Paper’, started life on Twitter and I soon progressed to using Facebook as well. I asked people to send me dreams they had had that night for me to interpret and illustrate. I had a great number of responses to the project. I decided for every dream I illustrated I would send a print to the author.

Without social media like Twitter and Facebook this idea would be close to impossible but since I can reach so many people at the same time I ended up receiving dreams from all over the world.

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James Boast
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James Boast

I am an illustrator from North London, I am inspired by magpies, the sea and folk music. I constantly use my sketchbook, the images I draw in there then get taken further, either digitally or through screen printing or lino cutting. My work includes heavy line work contrasted to white space and colour.

James says about social media:
Twitter has enabled me to get in contact with artists and illustrators who inspire me, these people would otherwise be almost impossible to get hold of. Its so easy to just send a “tweet” to somebody and I definitely recommend twitter to other aspiring artists.

Since joining the site I have had a fair few features, a load of collaborations are on their way and have done some commissioned work for online magazines too.

Being a 3rd year student it helps me to know there is a huge world of support outside university; asking advice from top magazines that later reply with an answer thats useful rather than just – “we’ll get back to you, we’re really busy at the moment”, twitter for me has made this form of contact possible.

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Thanks to this weeks three tweeting illustrators. As well as being talented visual communicators they all make good use of social media (not just twitter), self initiated projects and blogging to promote themselves and their work. All very talented and proactive people.

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